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Revista: Annals of Tourism Research
Volumen (Número): 77
Título: Peer review assessment of originality in tourism journals: critical perspective of key gatekeepers
Fecha: 2019
Página inicio: 1
Página fin: 11
Descripción: Originality is an essential element of academic research and the peer review system plays a key gatekeeping role in its acceptance. However, there is no consensus as to the precise definition of the concept, its measurement nor the importance attached to it. Primary data from 26 interviews with editors or editorial board members of top ranking tourism journals inform a discussion of the nuanced understanding of the concept and of how different levels of originality (radical vs. incremental), among other peer review assessment criteria, influence tourism publication. Finally, the main challenges relating to recognising originality in the peer review process are identified leading to recommendations for improvements to how originality is assessed.


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